Research show that Reseach doesn't matter

Ok, I didn't do any real "research" on this topic but it has always bothered me. Why is it that when any number of completely unbiased institutions around the world come to some concrete conclusion after years and years of painstaking research and testing, some people just don't care. They can be utterly unchanged in their opinion on a subject even though they have been proven wrong by numerous research and development groups.

You can Google Research on Research and get a lot of results about how to do research properly and how to get involved in research but nobody seems to care about how many people around the world simply do not care what research presents to us.

My in-laws for example are dead certain that a programmable thermostat doesn't save any energy at all. They know that it just takes more power to "bring the house back up to that temperature" so you really don't save any money (or energy for that matter). It wouldn't matter what I did to convince them otherwise. I could hire a team of HVAC people to come to their house and show models and slide shows of how climate control systems work and they would remain unconvinced. They would be just as certain, if not MORE SO, than before. It would all be some kind of scheme to get them to buy something that they didn't need or save energy that doesn't need saving.

A recent article in USA Today shows how same sex couples can be just as effective at raising kids as a couple consisting of both sexes. Do you think this is really going to change the minds of people opposing same sex marriages? Are these people really going to sit back and say "Hey, maybe after all theses years... they are right."?

I'm not saying we should stop all research and give up our causes. I'm just wondering how we can present these things to people in a way that seems less threatening. In a way that will make people listen. In a way people can learn, without realizing they are learning, I guess.